09 January 2006

Helpful Hints for Spammers

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion in the minds of spammers regarding topics that would interest me enough to actually open their emails before deleting them.

So here's an important clue: when you see the name "nancy" in an email address, think female. As in not interested in Viagra or Cialis or what have you. You may be thinking of "nancy boy," but in that case giving HER something to smile about would not be of interest, either.

I am not interested in adding to my girth, thank you very much. I have more than enough. Length, sure, if you mean height, but I don't think you do.

To answer the other descriptive subject lines phrased in the form of questions, let's just say that no, I have not and never will.

05 January 2006

A new calendar year, big deal

Every year, the same story. Magazines full of articles on changing your life, organizing, losing weight, all those New Year's Resolutions everyone supposedly makes. A new calendar, a new year, a new you. While I have no problem with anyone trying to improve their lives and thereby their happiness, I do have a problem with the assumption that putting a new bound-stack-of-paper-with-pictures-and-dates-on-it up on the wall changes everything. Doesn't it seem more logical to fix problems as you recognize them, and when you've just HAD IT and things just have to change?

Besides, to me the new year starts in the fall, back-to-school time. What's new about this time of year besides having to buy a new calendar? Same old long winter nights, rainy grey days. Spring would make more sense when it comes to new beginnings, and would make it a lot easier to stick to those exercise-related goals.

Happy New Calendar Purchasing Season.