03 December 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Can you believe it's Thursday again? By now you must know the drill - every Thursday we post a list of the things we love. This tradition was started by the adorable Tee Tee, and has been spreading like wildfire. Join us, won't you? It's a very positive thing to do. It's a really good way to remind yourself of all the good things in your life.
  • I love my new toy! I'm hoping it will really give my creativity the kick-start that it so badly needs.
  • I love that I have such wonderful and generous friends. One in particular just knocked my socks off by sending me a completely unexpected gift. (see previous item) But they're all such a great thing in my life, and I love them more than I can express.
  • I love that my friend's kittehs have finally decided they like me. Makes cat-sitting much more fun.
  • I love that someone is coming to fix my furnace tonight, even though I'm SO not loving the fact that it broke during the first super cold spell of the year.
  • I love driving my Honda again. I'd forgotten what a zippy little thing it is! Probably better put a radar detector in it, too. ;-)
  • I love that my friend is going to be so pleased to come home to a clean house. Clean dishes and floors - what more can a girl want?
  • I love the classic rock channel on Comcast. It's been entertaining me all day.
So what are you waiting for? Post some things that you love. It's good for the soul.

    26 November 2009

    Things I Love Thursday - Thanksgiving edition

    I'm a little rushed for time, but it wouldn't be right to skip a TILT on Thanksgiving!

    Today I'm loving all of my friends and family, as usual, but I'm particularly grateful for my best friend since high school and the fact that I'm spending Turkey Day at her little sister's house. Seven kids in her family, and each has reproduced at least twice. (Except for her, she's smart like me.) There's just nothing like a huge family dinner.

    I'm thankful for a roof over my head, MORE than enough food to eat, two cars in the driveway, and the little bit of money that's still in the bank. It's been a rough year, but I really don't have anything to complain about.

    I LOVE that I didn't have to travel anywhere on I-5 yesterday. Northbound was at a standstill for most of the day, for no apparent reason. It's good to already be home. ;-)

    Even though it's capricious and cruel at times, I love Facebook for having let me reconnect with a whole bunch of people that had been out of touch.

    And I must single out Tee Tee - she's the one who started us all on this beautiful habit of sitting down once a week to think of the good things in our lives. She's a fabulous, joyful parade of one, and I love her to pieces. Love you, girl!

    How about you? What are you most grateful for today? Write it down and share it with the rest of us, won't you?

    19 November 2009

    Things I Love Thursday

    I'm following Tee Tee's lead and moving my TILTs over here to my blog page. Much easier and more fun that creating a note on Facebook and running the risk of losing it all when FB has a brain fart.

    • I love quotations. I try to find inspirational quotes and post them as status updates every so often. Is this annoying? If you think so, too bad. Here's my new favorite resource.

    • I love being snug and warm inside and watching the wind toss the trees around. Although, if the wind and rain would like to take a vacation for a few days, I'm all for that, too.

    • I love being up here at my mom's, and most important, I love her caregivers. Each one of them brings their own special talent and personality into both of our lives, and I can't say enough how grateful I am.

    • I love the new gravel in the driveway. Such a luxury to not have to worry about getting stuck, and not having to worry about tracking mud all over the damned place.

    • I love coffee with tasty flavored creamer stuff in it, even though it's probably full of disgusting chemicals and unhealthy crap. That's probably why it's so tasty!

    • I love my Sock Monkey.

    • I love that I now have a camera, even if it is my old one that doesn't have all the fancy features.

    • I love that I'm slowly but surely getting my creativity and mojo back.

    • And of course I love all my friends, especially YOU!

      18 November 2009

      New and improved

      I haven't had anything of any interest to say for the last few days, but did feel the need to do some redecorating. So here's the new template and colors. What do you think? I really like the layout, think it's much more professional looking. I suppose for the holidays I could add some red for a festive touch, but I doubt that will happen. "Bah Humbug" is my motto, so why even pretend?

      08 November 2009

      Day...what day is it again?

      As far as this NaBloPoMoFo thing is going, I suck. I didn't even realize I'd missed yesterday until it was *graciously* pointed out to me this morning. And you know what? Just coughing up any old crap in order to say I posted a blog every day is stupid. So eff it. When I have something to say, I'll say it. I should post more often, because the writing exercise is good for my mental state. Plus I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seats awaiting my next utterance.


      Well then. Excellent progress was made today in my quest to clean up and insulate the shop. Finished the east wall, at least as far as I can until I do some rewiring. Got the computer and peripherals moved over to that wall, along with a bunch of boxes. And cleaned the floor up and put down a carpet remnant so that I have a place to do my Pilates DVD. I really, really want to get back into that - when I was working out I felt so much better and looked a lot better as well. I haven't regained the weight (yet), but definitely notice the loss of muscle tone. No more excuses!

      Onward and upward, one day at a time. Thanks, FPBB. ;-)

      06 November 2009

      Day Six. Or would it be five, since I didn't write one yesterday?

      Meh. Give me a challenge that requires sticking with something for 30 days in a row, and what will I do? Eff it up after only four. Really? Is it that goddamned hard to post some inconsequential piece of shit once a day? Especially when the supposed "author" is unemployed?

      Maybe if I wouldn't stay up until all hours and then sleep until ten or eleven I'd have more motivation. More of a sense of self-worth. And it's not like I don't have plenty to do. I have ditches to fill, destruction to complete, insulation to install, boxes to empty, shit to put away. Design work to do, resumes to update - need I go on?

      So what is this? Depression? Most likely, but what's new. I live with that each and every day. And I'm actually pretty happy. Sure, I'm living in a trailer on my mom's property. I'm actually happy with that. I thought I might have panic attacks and claustrophobia issues, but thus far everything's fine. So what the hell is going on? How do I kick myself in the ass and start LIVING?

      Any (sincere and/or marginally kind) suggestions will be appreciated.

      04 November 2009

      Day Four, and not a moment too soon

      I do believe I have a better excuse for my late post tonight - I was at a friend's house watching the Yankees win the World Series. Does it get any better than this? Ah sure, there's Yankee haters all over the damned place, but I don't care. I mean...they're the YANKEES!

      So anyway, this was a good day. Got some major shoveling done outside, filling in some trenches before the rain starts up again. Had a good visit on the phone with my aunt, who's evidently dying of cancer. I'm not sure what life will be like without her in the world, but unfortunately I'll find out very soon.

      And tomorrow will be an even better day. Oh yes it will.

      03 November 2009

      Day Three, just under the wire

      Seriously, I've contemplated what I was going to write ALL DAY. And had a plan. And then got busy doing shit and going places and doing more shit and OMG IT'S ALMOST MIDNIGHT.

      So it's more lame sauce. Hey, tomorrow the Yankees will more than likely win the World Series, and I'm going up to my oldest bestest friend's house to watch it. Hope we don't get into a fist fight during the game, since she's an Anti Yank-ite. But at least that would give me lots of blog fodder.

      OK, I promise to do better tomorrow. Really. I mean it. Over and out.

      02 November 2009

      Day two, and I'm already falling behind

      I've committed to posting something every day for the month of November. Sound easy enough, right? Yet here it is nearing midnight on the second, and nothing's written yet. Why is this?

      I could blame it on the fact that I was out of town for most of the day and away from the computer. Those of you who don't know me might buy that excuse. But the rest of you would have said "hey, wait just a gosh-darned minute. Didn't I see you posting on Facebook, both before and AFTER your trip to Eugene?" And of course, you are correct.

      But come on - when I got home the baseball game was on. I figured it was the last game of the season, since the mighty Yankees would git 'er done and it would all be over. So I had to give it my full attention. Except for that little bit of attention I gave to Facebook.

      Well, as you know by now, it ain't over. The fat lady ain't sung. And that's good, means there's more baseball to watch before the sad slide into winter sports. (Don't write and complain, hockey fans, you're right. Hockey's okay.) And it was a good game, yes it was. Kind of lopsided at first, but toward the end it was a regular nail-biter. Both teams decided it was time to shit or get off the pot, and it was ON. Sure, Yankees didn't win, but that's okay. Means there's another game, and also means the Phillies have to keep working. I don't like a one-sided series. It's not interesting, and it's not a good reflection of what it means to be the division champion. There should never be a sweep. Every year it ought to go the full seven games and keep us on the edge of our seats.

      Then the game was over. Time to blog, right? Well....Two and a Half Men was on. Then The Big Bang Theory. And of course more Facebook action. Then more mindless entertainment  and...what? The day's almost over? Better cough up some sort of blog post.

      And there you have it. Mission accomplished. I'll try to do better tomorrow, promise.

      01 November 2009

      National Blog Posting Month

      Believe it or not, it's November. And this year, that means something new for me - joining NaBloPoMo. This means I need to post something Every.Single.Day. this month. I'm hoping it will give me the jump start I need to start writing on a regular basis. I mean, why have a blog (or three) without posting something there? And we all know I have opinions, so I really should be sharing them with my adoring fans. Or something.

      And yes, this counts as my post for today. Because I said so.

      09 October 2009

      In the spirit of the Darwin Awards, I offer you Subaru Guy.

       To set the stage: my mom and I live on a dead end road in a rural setting, up on a hillside. There are six houses on the lower section, each one pretty close to the road and highly visible. There are a few more houses further up the hill in the trees. Our road tees off of a road that parallels the interstate. There's no reason to be on this road unless you live here or are coming to visit someone. Or are delivering the mail or lost or trying to talk to us about Jesus.

      My mom's house sits right next to the road, and the road to my place is just up the hill. I was on my way into town, and had stopped at my mom's to check in with her. While sitting and chatting with her and her caregiver, I glanced out the window and saw that some dude in a Subaru wagon had backed into my driveway, unloaded a cooler and a backpack, and was rummaging through the contents of his car. Hmm, I thought. Something's wrong with this picture. Surely he doesn't intend to stay there any longer than it takes me to load the 12 gauge, does he? But, being the mellow, kind-hearted person I am, I merely kept watching him through the window. He appeared to be in his mid twenties, fairly clean-cut. Late model, shiny red car, Washington license plates. There's no reason to immediately be too suspicious.

      He kept rummaging around, moved some stuff from the back to the front, then leaned up against his car and appeared to trim his nails. Odd. Then he stepped forward and... what the...? No.Way. Is he...? He's getting ready to take a piss! Seriously? Dude, there's a house down here with three women in it, all of us looking out the window by now. All gobsmacked by your lack of couth.

      OK, that's it. I charged out the front door and across the driveway, hoping to embarass him. As soon as he saw me he yelled "Sorry!" and turned around. Now mind you, this whole thing is effing bizarre, because there's no cover up there. No shrubbery, no bushes. He's facing a walnut tree that's about 10" in diameter and about six feet from the road. NOT adequate cover. Homeslice doesn't even have the sense to stand behind his car. Nope, he's just taking a leak and enjoying the view.

      He covers up his goods, turns back around, and tells me he's sorry, he just needed to stop and "rearrange some stuff in his car." He's on his way from California back to Washington, his "homeland," where he has to take care of a bunch of traffic citations and court business. Hello, did I ask? All I had said was, "can I help you with something?" Which is polite country-speak for "get the hell off my damned property before I put some lead in your ass."

      He told me he'd be gone in a few minutes, and I said OK, that's fine. As I turned to walk back down to the house, he calls out "My name's Levi!" My response was, "OK, good luck to you." Really, we're not going to become friends, buddy. You're going to pack your shit up and git on down the road.

      Back in the house I go, and relate our conversation, after locking the front door. This guy is very strange and has set off my crazy-meter. We spend a few pleasant minutes concocting theories as to what's up with him - it's a stolen car, he's on the lam and hiding from the cops, he's just stupid, he's an escaped psychopath. More than a few minutes go by, and I remember that my purse is sitting out in my truck with the windows rolled down. Which is normally just fine, but not today. He's still up there rummaging through the shit that's piled in and on his car, and when he hears me hollers down "Just a few more minutes and I'll be out of here." I yell back "OK" and go back in the house.

      Next thing I know, Mr. Clueless is up there changing his pants. WTF? Do you not see that house down there? Or the one across the road? At least he kept his chonies on, but still. At this point I've had e-frigging-nough and I call the sheriff. They ask me to call back if he leaves, so when he finally buttons everything up and starts the car, I call them and am told they're fairly close. We've been able to get his license number, so I figure at least someone can stop him and have a chat about personal boundaries. But lo! what do I see coming up the road? The sheriff!

      OK, this is where it all gets boring. Deputy talks to him, another deputy shows up (which is hella exciting in this neighborhood). One of them calls me to ask if I want to press charges for trespassing. I say no, I just thought he was acting really strange and wanted you to check and see if he was hiding from the cops or high or whathaveyou. They let him go, so evidently there weren't any warrants for his arrest. Dammit. He went on his way and I hope to never hear of him again.

      So Levi, wherever you are, here's a tip for you: next time you want to pull of the road and "rearrange" things, try a rest stop. Us country girls are pretty picky about who's taking a piss on our lawns.

      04 July 2009

      Reflecting on my standard Fourth of July rant

      Though first written back in 2005, this post still has some merit to it -- the fireworks last night were hideously loud and some started back up at three in the bleedin' a.m. There's still hillbillies living one house over, but the ones who were setting off mortar shells in the (bone dry) grass seed field are gone.

      The good news is: I find this year I'm actually much less angry overall, which is very good. Could be the changes in attitude, could be the upcoming changes in latitude. At any rate, having spent the past week in a place of glorious quiet has to have helped immensely, too. This evening I have a gathering of good new/old friends to look forward to (and my little friend Jose will be there, too). So life is good, in spite of the bombs bursting in air.

      Doesn't mean people aren't still asshats, though. Example:

      Happy Fourth of July!

      26 March 2009

      Subliminal Landscaping

      I can't decide if this is The.Worst.Commercial.Ever, or one of the most creative and clever ads on earth. What do you think?

      Thanks to Bitch Cakes for finding the video!

      20 March 2009

      Who's tripping down the streets of the city?

      This is one of the (if not THE) most clever commercials I've ever seen.

      Isn't that awesome? Thanks to Cajun Boy for posting this first.

      18 March 2009

      Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

      OK, level with me: have I completely gone off the deep end? I was watching the tube the other night, and an ad for the Chevy Traverse came on. I was just sitting there, waiting for the commercial to end, and then a shot toward the end caught my eye and drug it fifteen feet.

      After Googling and finding the ad, I took this screenshot:

      Hello, that doesn't look like an SUV she's pointing at...

      Here's the entire commercial, so judge for yourself and tell me what you think.