27 March 2008

So you want to be a daddy...

So now we have a pregnant man. (Just a hint, if you haven't read the article, this blog won't interest you in the slightest. Hell, it may not even if you HAVE read the article.)

Hey, who am I to judge? Just because I don't particularly like kids, and refuse to have any of my own doesn't mean I don't understand that some people want them.

What I'm really having a problem with here is the flak that these people are getting. The endocrinologist who treated Mr. Beattie was unconscionably rude. "Shave off your facial hair." OK, do you also give that directive to the females you treat? Let's face it, some of us women have WAY more facial hair than half the guys around us.

The response *he got from his brother was abominable. How can you say that to another human being, much less your own brother?

What the hell is wrong with people? Why can we not live and let live? So you don't want to be a trans-gender man giving birth? Don't get a sex change and don't get inseminated. It's pretty easy, really.

*Yes, I shall continue to refer to him as "he" even though he has his female plumbing. He lives as a he. He is a male. Thy ovaries do not make thee a woman. And the lack of a dick does NOT mean you're not a man.

20 March 2008

Hey kids, it's time for Easter Shopping!

Ah yes, it's that time of year again. Easter. Second only to Christmas now in its blatant commercialism. Well no, actually Mother's Day probably tops it, but not by much.

I seem to remember (though it's been many, many eons ago) that in my youth, Easter wasn't much. We weren't a religious family, so unless my Grandma or aunt drug me to church, there wasn't any of that crap. My grandma always made me an astonishing easter basket full of goodies, and there may have been a family dinner at her house. In fact, I'm sure of it, there was dinner.

But there were no out and out gifts. Easter was supposed to be a religious holiday, THE religious holiday for Christians, so the basket and candy was about the extent of it for this kid.

But NOW? Holy crap, if you'll pardon the expression. The ads have been clogging up the Sunday paper for weeks. Pages and pages of clothing: well, that's standard. But also pages and pages of toys and gifts. With perky titles like "Just in Time For Your Easter Gift Giving!" and rot such as that. What the hell? When did this most "sacred" of holidays become an occasion for gift giving?

Don't look at me, I'm certainly not buying you anything.

Eddie says it best:

13 March 2008

So Sue Me

Obviously I'm a big fat liar. I promised I'd post a new blog soon. Well, that's the thing with promises, they're stupid.

No more promises.

But, I will try to write something soon that entertains and/or doesn't make you slap yourself on the forehead and mutter "why do I keep checking this bitch's blog?"

07 March 2008

Wow, where did the time go?

I really didn't think it had been that long since I blogged. But the last date says January 22, 2008. Blog for choice day. A worthy event, for sure, but why haven't I written anything since? Hmmm.

I'll figure this out and get back to you. Soon, I promise.