26 August 2007

The Neighborhood Mechanic Hall of Shame, Installment 1

This afternoon I just happened to glance over at the neighbors kitty-corner from our place. Now I knew all along they were a stellar group of Mensa types, but check out the creative technique they've developed for working on their pickemup truck (one of about five that hang around there all the time):

Ah, nothing like a Sunday afternoon in the 'hood.

It's not Walden, but it's mine!

It's been at least three years since a friend of ours gave us one of those preformed pond liner things that he wasn't going to use. It's been lying around supplying mosquito and slug habitat most of the time, since we couldn't see putting all that work into a rental property. But it's become clear over time that we won't be buying a house anytime soon. And if I'm not moving into a house, I'm not moving. We have the best landlords on the planet, I like the location (except for the neighbors, see prior entries for details), and it's cheap. So this year, I decided to put in the pond. I didn't get any totally "before" shots, but here's a couple of "in progress" shots. We put in a pump and small fountain setup a few days ago, and put in some plants today. I love it so far!