16 August 2005

Is this how it is?

I don't post on here on a daily basis, and haven't been doing this for very long, so I was amazed the other day when I checked out my comments. There were five comments on my last blog! I was so pleased. Someone's actually reading this crap!

Until I realized that two of them were spam. Two different irrelevant comments containing apparent commercial weblinks (damned if I was going to check them out) by an anonymous poster or posters. Is this common? Do I have to forbid anonymous posts?

I know that allowing anonymous comments creates the risk of asswipes randomly criticizing whatever I write. The other day I was reading someone else's blog and was amazed at the anonymous flaming that was taking place there. You know, one of those inDuhviduals who is OK with your opinion as long as it agrees with his, and who is too yellow a coward to back up his invective with a name. (I use the male pronouns as a convenience only.)

So we'll see. One more spam comment and Anonymous bites it.


Cindy St. Onge said...

I had to nix the anonymous comments at my poetry blog for the same reason. bastard spammers. I got all excited for nothing.:-(

Cranky Bastard said...

That's why I blew off the comment option entirely, Nancy. Besides the drive-by spammers, too many people want to argue with a funny essay and pound their own pulpit and push their own platform. They exercise their marginal literacy by expounding upon your creations because they haven't the skill or guts to face their own blank page.

They can still contact me via email, but then I can hunt them down and exterminate them.