08 March 2007

It's been longer than I thought

It's been so damned long since I wrote anything on here, I didn't even realize that Blogspot had gone to the Google Side.

I still don't have anything relevant to say right now, but I wanted to pimp this dude's blog

This guy is so good, I may not even try anymore.


Anonymous said...

"This guy is so good, I may not even try anymore".

... you've been TRYING?

I think that may be the saddest thing I've ever heard.


Anonymous said...

OK, I went and read his blog.

He IS good.

You should not have expected to be that good, you're only a girl.

You should quit trying.


The Lady in Red said...

Hey! It's Lore. And FPBB better be kidding or I'mna gather up an IG search/ass kicking party!
And that guy is hilarious! I love his recommendations for going commando! My brother, Dan, refuses to wear underwear. He hasn't even owned underwear since he was like a Junior in high school. For a while, he was a landscaper. He used to work for these two older women, in their 60's maybe. One day, he was there working on their coy pond. It was hotter than Hades (like 115 or so) so he took his shirt off while he was moving their potted plants around. So he's running around in just his dirty old jeans. The women had him runnning back and forth, moving potted plants from this side to that, bending over and shuffling in front of them. I guess the women kept giggling every time he bent over. My mom showed up to take some pictures of his work for his portfolio. She was standing there talking to him near the pond and he was telling her about how the ladies kept having him move their pots and his back was hurting from all the bending. When he turned around to move some more pots, my mom saw a huge gaping hole in his jeans. His ass was literally hanging out of his pants and he didn't notice! From that day forward,he's been known as Captain Commando.

The Cajun Boy said...

dear klevabitch,

thank you so much for the pimp out. i am SO flattered!!!!!

and please don't stop trying. never stop trying.

apples and bananas,
the cajun boy

ps...i'm not wearing underwear right now.