09 September 2007

I hate parades, but for this one I make an exception

Most parades are completely boring, in my book. There's the usual assortment of dignitaries in nice old cars, marching bands, maybe a few horses if you're lucky. I like the old cars (and the horses, of course) but most of it's just a little too Norman Rockwell for me, if you know what I mean.

That's where Eugene is, once again, delightfully different. Every September The Eugene Celebration comes along, and that's when the Eugene Celebration Parade takes place. It starts pretty early for a Saturday morning, 9:30, but it's worth dragging your butt out of bed.

This year we missed the first few minutes, but what we saw was great for the most part, and Michael took lots of photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

(NOTE: Blogger is being totally retarded and limiting the width of these photos, so that they're all the same. That's why half of them are cut off. I'm working on a fix.)

WWII Veteran in uniform with "Veterans for Peace"

Another guy with Veterans for Peace

Not totally sure what this was all about...

This woman could shake her money maker while walking down the street. Amazing!

Here's Susan's favorite, Jesus Guy.

They had all these over-ninety ladies in wheelchairs, and they were SO CUTE! So full of life.

Real horsepower.

Totally human-powered!

A year-round favorite of mine...

Originally built for Burning Man, it's always where the action is in Eugene. We know about half the people riding on top.

1967 Mustang. About the most perfect paint job I've ever seen. Talked to the owner for quite a while, he's a real character.

1941 Cadillac. I believe my dad owned one of these back in the day...

Here's some REAL grillz for you, Gracelet!

How about that.

THIS is the money shot. I took this one, and I'm quite proud of it. Chevy Bel Air, I believe it's a '57

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Lisa (Galowar) said...

I'm from Eugene but my family moved to Beaverton a year ago. It's fun to see your photos. Eugene really is a one-of-a-kind town. Really, really, really...