22 January 2008

Blog for Choice Day - An Important Anniversary

Blog for Choice Day

Today is the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and after all these years we are still not assured of retaining control of our reproductive rights.

Several of the current presidential candidates would like to reverse that decision, and throw away what so many have worked so long to accomplish, simply because of their own religious beliefs.

We've grown complacent, evidently believing that common sense and justice will prevail.

We should know better.

So-called pro-life advocates are working overtime to get this ruling overturned, and they are not complacent. They are driven tirelessly by their personal belief that everyone must embrace their personal belief.

They don't understand that few people are PRO-abortion. Abortion is ugly, painful, unimaginable. But is it better to insist that a 14 year old girl have her baby, put her health at risk, her education at risk? Sure she can give it up for adoption. But ask yourself: how easy would it be to carry a pregnancy to term -- nine months of growing a living being inside you -- go through the pain of childbirth, and then hand that living being over to complete strangers?

Obviously it doesn't work, or we wouldn't be informed so often on the nightly news that yet another infant has been found in a dumpster. Or worse.

Today is Blog for Choice day, a way for us to make a unified statement that we do not want to return to the dark days of back-alley abortions and unwanted children. A unified statement that abortion is a personal decision.

Roe vs. Wade ensures our right to privacy regarding our bodies. Those who want to invade that privacy should be ashamed.


Michelle L. said...

Thank you! We cannot be complacent, or we will lose the ground our mothers gained.

Tee said...

Thank You Nancy! It really is so personal and we cant let it be over turned.

GorgonZola said...

Thank you Nancy!

The Lady in Red said...

Excellently put, Nancy!

Lisa M said...

Thanks Nancy! We need an IG's for Choice tshirt!

You Know My Name said...

Great Job Nancy!

I wish I could have commented sooner!

Jhon Alexander said...

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