13 March 2008

So Sue Me

Obviously I'm a big fat liar. I promised I'd post a new blog soon. Well, that's the thing with promises, they're stupid.

No more promises.

But, I will try to write something soon that entertains and/or doesn't make you slap yourself on the forehead and mutter "why do I keep checking this bitch's blog?"


Lisa M said...

Would it help if I slapped your forehead?

The Lady in Red said...

HOw about your ass? Would a good ass slapping help get you in the blogging mood?

Anonymous said...

This is the Seinfeld of blogs. It appears to be about nothing.

KlevaBich said...

I'll consider that a compliment, anonymous. Evidently you don't even have a blog, so it couldn't possibly be an insult.

Anonymous said...

You're wecome! :-)