27 October 2008

This is where the magic happens

Saturday I made my way downtown to the Obama campaign headquarters to get my yard sign. Yeah, I know, but better late than never.

There was a lot of activity, looked like they might be setting up for a speaker of some kind. Lots of clusters of people talking, each with handfuls of papers and flyers.

After telling the nice ladies at the front table what I was there for, one handed me a sign, and had me fill out the donation paperwork. After inquiring if I'd also like some bumper-stickers, I told her no thanks, I already had one, and added that I haven't put a bumper sticker on my vehicle since some time back in the '70's.

She said, me neither. And now I have three of them on my car.

I told her I had never put up a yard sign for anyone in my life.

She said, me neither.

I told her I'd never even ventured into a campaign office of any type, for any reason before.

She said, me neither.

Turns out both of the women working the front desk (both in their sixties) have never, ever volunteered for a candidate in their lives before Mr. Obama came along. And they seem to be loving every minute of it

Talk about a candidate for CHANGE! I love this guy more with each passing day.

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*Bitch Cakes* said...

I actually can't wait to vote, and I never vote! I never thought I would be excited about an election.