04 July 2009

Reflecting on my standard Fourth of July rant

Though first written back in 2005, this post still has some merit to it -- the fireworks last night were hideously loud and some started back up at three in the bleedin' a.m. There's still hillbillies living one house over, but the ones who were setting off mortar shells in the (bone dry) grass seed field are gone.

The good news is: I find this year I'm actually much less angry overall, which is very good. Could be the changes in attitude, could be the upcoming changes in latitude. At any rate, having spent the past week in a place of glorious quiet has to have helped immensely, too. This evening I have a gathering of good new/old friends to look forward to (and my little friend Jose will be there, too). So life is good, in spite of the bombs bursting in air.

Doesn't mean people aren't still asshats, though. Example:

Happy Fourth of July!


gretchen said...

You really do seem much less angry, and less depressed, too is my guess. I think it speaks volumes about your recent decisions-as difficult as they have been to make they were the right ones if you're feeling good!

Michelle said...

I agree with Gretchen, you do seem happier. Even though it was difficult to come to these decisions, perhaps your current calmer nature is an indication that you are on exactly the right path.