01 January 2011

Day One: Letting Go

I'm already making progress in this fine year of two-thousand and eleven. Doesn't that sound better than two-thousand and ten? Ten is a hard word. Eleven is softer, more inviting. Plus it's an odd number, which is much more auspicious than an even number. Trust me on this.

Anyway, we were talking progress. After writing these resolutions and committing them to the ether, I turned off the lights and music and sat with candlelight and treelight and contemplated the passing of the old year and entrance of the new. And it occurred to me that what it all boils down to, what I really need to do, is to let go.

Let go of possessions. Let go of expectations. Let go of anger. Let go of a few dreams, even. Just...let go.

This is going to be hard.


-s said...

letting go is one of the hardest things to do in all the universe. i wish i had some good suggestions as to how to do it. thus far in my life, i've failed miserably at it. but i'm here for you any time you want to talk or vent or whatever. xo sharron

gretchen said...

Letting go sucks. Even when its necessary. Loved your new years eve post, and loved your New Year's day one. It made me a little misty eyed. Love you Big time, Nancipants.

The Lady in Red said...

I don't know. I think sometimes it's less about letting go, and more about accepting what will never be, redirecting energy and focus and being proactive instead of reminiscent. Letting go implies you're losing something, but from where I'm sitting, you have a ton to gain.
But I love you, Pants, and I hope whatever it is you need to do gets done and you are happier, healthier, and better for it.