25 May 2006

Rainy Memorial Day? What a surprise.

So here we are. Almost Memorial Day weekend, for what it's worth. Last week? Hotter'n hell, well, for this time of year anyway. Now?


We needed rain, yes. But now my damned garden plot is mud again. Thank god I got it mostly worked up while it was medium-damp, so it won't be as hard to work with if it EVER stops raining again.

I hate people who complain about the rain, don't you?


Cindy St. Onge said...

...almost as much as I hate the rain.

FPBB said...

At least you're a couch potato. I had to go for a 2 hour run on Sunday. It was like taking a long, cold shower. Today it's Tuesday, I'm back at work, and the weather is ... gorgeous, of course.

I don't believe in God, but the way the weather works around here makes me a strong believer in the existence of a devil. :-)

You're very ambitious lately, two posts in one month !!! Nice job.

Kris said...

No. I actually love people who complain about pretty much . . . ok, anything. ;)