03 July 2006

So you want to send me an email

Let's go over the ground rules, shall we?

Email is fabulous. I could not live without it. But I've been finding some little jewels in my inbox that I'd just as soon not live with.

Got an opinion about the immigration conflagration that's going on? Have some strong feelings about patriotism, the American flag, the current political atmosphere and the war in Iraq? Sure you do. We all do.

But here's the deal: I am an unabashed, unashamed, unapologetic liberal, for the most part. I tend to favor the death penalty and I don't think there are enough law enforcement personnel available in my city and state. That kind of knocks my claim of being a bleeding heart liberal into the pooper, doesn't it? But here are a few little advisories to consider before adding me to the list of recipients in your next email forward.

1. Is it true? This doesn't apply to jokes and sarcasm, of course. But if it's allegedly a letter someone has written, or one of Andy Rooney's pieces, or the latest computer virus or safety warning, do me a favor. Check it out. Snopes is a good resource. Google it.

2. Is it expressing a narrow-minded viewpoint? Keep it to yourself unless you are 100% positive that it's a narrow-minded view that I hold myself. Since I try to keep an open mind, it's probably safe to assume that I won't find it humorous or interesting.

3. Does it require the outlook of organized Christianity? Then it probably falls under category #2 already.

4. Did you send it to me last week? last month? last year? Is it one that's already gone around multiple times? Then why send it again?

5. Is it strictly "cute" with lots of animated GIFs, drawings of cute bunnies and such? Hmmm, I think I got that one last week. Thanks anyway.

6. And for the love of (insert your favorite deity here), if you find yourself forwarding more than one or two emails per day, carefully examine your motivation. Have you read them? Are they funny? Do they pass rules one and four, since those views are shared by almost everyone? Doubtful.

Now you know.


Cranky Bastard said...

Bravo, Nancy! The Evangelistas should have their FW:FW:FW fingers broken. Their senses of humor and distortions of fact should remain locked up alongside their undeveloped compassion and intellect.

Entropae AKA Tall Fat Broad said...

I am happy to find there is another bleeding heart liberal out there who also believes in the death penalty (but only if they were properly represented and have done DNA testing on any available evidence). I have no problem with retribution for criminal actions. I too have had enough of the FW:FW of everything going down the pike, but especially the "send it to eleven people and make a wish while you read the prayer and something amazing will happen in four days" chain letters. I just found your site today via Tiny Cat Pants. Bich on!