16 October 2006

Get a ROOM!

Saturday afternoon Michael and I were out running some errands and decided we wanted some Chinese food, so we went to our favorite, Ocean Sky. When we left it was still early, probably a quarter to six or so.

The parking lot was more crowded than normal, so we had to circle clear around the far end. Almost every space was full. Michael was driving, and we were in my truck which has great visibility.

As we came to the end and started to circle to the right around a bright blue Honda Civic, I noticed something looked weird. Like there was someone in the drivers seat leaning into the back seat. As we continued, I could see that there was someone in the driver's seat alright. The seat was all the way reclined, some guy's on his back, and a girl wearing a hoodie is astride him. Trouble was, there was nothing on her BUT said hoodie.

As I declared loudly through the open window, "Holy shit, they're DOING IT!" the girl looked over, laughed, and went on about her "business."

Now mind you, this parking lot was full. It was broad daylight. AND the Amazon bike trail and a bunch of open area where kids were playing are really close. The car did not have tinted windows, I'm thinking they weren't even closed. It's a family restaurant, not a strip club.

Christ, even the neighborhood cats wait until it's dark to go whoring about.

Is it just me, or is this a really disgusting story?


Hulabelly said...

Wow.. Ya think they would have at least thrown a blanket over them!!

That IS kinda gross!!

FPBB said...

Wow, you're getting old. You're even pretending to be concerned about KIDS. Are you running a fever or something.

Some people TALK about doing edgy stuff, and some people DO it. More power to them ... was she cute? :-)