03 December 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Can you believe it's Thursday again? By now you must know the drill - every Thursday we post a list of the things we love. This tradition was started by the adorable Tee Tee, and has been spreading like wildfire. Join us, won't you? It's a very positive thing to do. It's a really good way to remind yourself of all the good things in your life.
  • I love my new toy! I'm hoping it will really give my creativity the kick-start that it so badly needs.
  • I love that I have such wonderful and generous friends. One in particular just knocked my socks off by sending me a completely unexpected gift. (see previous item) But they're all such a great thing in my life, and I love them more than I can express.
  • I love that my friend's kittehs have finally decided they like me. Makes cat-sitting much more fun.
  • I love that someone is coming to fix my furnace tonight, even though I'm SO not loving the fact that it broke during the first super cold spell of the year.
  • I love driving my Honda again. I'd forgotten what a zippy little thing it is! Probably better put a radar detector in it, too. ;-)
  • I love that my friend is going to be so pleased to come home to a clean house. Clean dishes and floors - what more can a girl want?
  • I love the classic rock channel on Comcast. It's been entertaining me all day.
So what are you waiting for? Post some things that you love. It's good for the soul.

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