04 November 2009

Day Four, and not a moment too soon

I do believe I have a better excuse for my late post tonight - I was at a friend's house watching the Yankees win the World Series. Does it get any better than this? Ah sure, there's Yankee haters all over the damned place, but I don't care. I mean...they're the YANKEES!

So anyway, this was a good day. Got some major shoveling done outside, filling in some trenches before the rain starts up again. Had a good visit on the phone with my aunt, who's evidently dying of cancer. I'm not sure what life will be like without her in the world, but unfortunately I'll find out very soon.

And tomorrow will be an even better day. Oh yes it will.


grubinski said...

I've gone over the last 4 days posts and I'd say you lean more towards Faulkner or Joyce than Hemingway or Steinbeck.

grubinski said...

In fact, you may be on the cutting edge of a new genre. Rather than "stream of consciousness", this might be "stream of activities". I'm pretty sure most of it is not consciousness.

KlevaBich said...

I think it's actually "trickle of sewage." But thanks for playing!