08 November 2009

Day...what day is it again?

As far as this NaBloPoMoFo thing is going, I suck. I didn't even realize I'd missed yesterday until it was *graciously* pointed out to me this morning. And you know what? Just coughing up any old crap in order to say I posted a blog every day is stupid. So eff it. When I have something to say, I'll say it. I should post more often, because the writing exercise is good for my mental state. Plus I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seats awaiting my next utterance.


Well then. Excellent progress was made today in my quest to clean up and insulate the shop. Finished the east wall, at least as far as I can until I do some rewiring. Got the computer and peripherals moved over to that wall, along with a bunch of boxes. And cleaned the floor up and put down a carpet remnant so that I have a place to do my Pilates DVD. I really, really want to get back into that - when I was working out I felt so much better and looked a lot better as well. I haven't regained the weight (yet), but definitely notice the loss of muscle tone. No more excuses!

Onward and upward, one day at a time. Thanks, FPBB. ;-)


grubinski said...

What wiring do you have to do? Just do it now, before you totally bury that wall behind a bunch of stuff you won't want to move. Looking at the wall as it is now will just guilt/irritate/depress you with it's unfinished-projectness. Wire it, drywall it, paint it, and then it will energize you every time you look at it.

KlevaBich said...

Yep, that's why I'm stopping at that point. I'll do any rewiring first, then continue.

As for the drywall, it's going to have to wait for a number of reasons. And I'm not in the least bit depressed with the results I have now. I'm pretty damned pleased with myself. ;-)

grubinski said...

8 days since the last post. I think the crickets fell asleep.