19 November 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I'm following Tee Tee's lead and moving my TILTs over here to my blog page. Much easier and more fun that creating a note on Facebook and running the risk of losing it all when FB has a brain fart.

  • I love quotations. I try to find inspirational quotes and post them as status updates every so often. Is this annoying? If you think so, too bad. Here's my new favorite resource.

  • I love being snug and warm inside and watching the wind toss the trees around. Although, if the wind and rain would like to take a vacation for a few days, I'm all for that, too.

  • I love being up here at my mom's, and most important, I love her caregivers. Each one of them brings their own special talent and personality into both of our lives, and I can't say enough how grateful I am.

  • I love the new gravel in the driveway. Such a luxury to not have to worry about getting stuck, and not having to worry about tracking mud all over the damned place.

  • I love coffee with tasty flavored creamer stuff in it, even though it's probably full of disgusting chemicals and unhealthy crap. That's probably why it's so tasty!

  • I love my Sock Monkey.

  • I love that I now have a camera, even if it is my old one that doesn't have all the fancy features.

  • I love that I'm slowly but surely getting my creativity and mojo back.

  • And of course I love all my friends, especially YOU!

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    gretchen said...

    I love the layout, I want to learn how to do things like use words as links instead of links as links. I love the retooled klevabich title. I love that you feel your mojo is back because I know how empty I feel when mine's gone. Yay you!